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What to Know Before Renting Your Home

Cabin Connect is the only professional vacation rental service in the Detroit Lakes area and Cabin Connect is a member of the Detroit Lakes Chamber of Commerce.

Jane Nelson is a licensed broker and is available to help buyers and sellers of lake property.

As a lake homeowner, you know how valuable the summer lake season is. Let Cabin Connect help you meet your yearly expenses of ownership with professionally managed vacation rentals.

Rent your lake home as often as you would like, weekly, monthly, seasonally. Cabin Connect will:

  • photograph your home
  • advertise locally and nationally
  • work with you to select qualified renters
At the time of rental Jane will meet all renters, check each family in, be available for help during the rental period and inspect and clean your home at the time of check – out. Cabin Connect has been in business since 2006.

Contact Jane Nelson at 701-212-9930 to learn more about the details of adding your lake home to www.cabinconnect.com

Renting a Private Lake Home

Some Common Questions From Lake Home Owners

As a vacation home owner you are probably wondering what will happen if you decide to rent your home for a short period of time, one or two weeks, each summer. These probably won’t be all of your questions but hopeful provide some important information to help you make your decision about renting your home.

How do I begin a Cabin Connect rental?

Jane will meet with you at your vacation home and sign a co-management agreement, answer questions and tour your home to understand your homes unique qualities.

How long does each rental last?

Most vacation rental periods are for one or two weeks. Most homeowners use their cottages the majority of the time and will rent for just those weeks they can not be using their homes. Cabin Connect is not a long term property management business.

Who are the usual renters?

Renters are able to look at each rental property on the cabinconnect.com web site. Renters are then encouraged to call and discuss which property will best fit their needs before completing the reservation. Renters are most often couples or families looking for the opportunity to have a week of vacation away from home. Cabin Connect renters are interested in privacy, quiet and the atmosphere that a private home creates.

What will I/we do to get ready to rent our home?

Renting your home will take some preparation and thought. You will need to have your home reasonably clean, decluttered, and inventoried. If you have items that are of great value, monetary or personal you should remove them for the rental period. Jane will meet with you before the rental, go over your home with you and discuss any questions you have about preparation. A renter ready checklist will be given to you to help with preparation. Families understand that this is a home not a hotel. Half the enjoyment is the unique features of each home. In addition Jane will be available as a contact to call if questions come during the rental.

Is there a check in /check out procedure?

Every rental will begin with an orientation by Jane to the rental home, As a memorable week ends Jane will visit your home at the end of the rental period and check the inventory list and cover the general condition of your home. It is imperative that your home be as you left it for the renters. That is part of the hassle free idea.

Will my house be clean when I come home?

After the renters leave your home a cleaner will make sure your home is clean and ready for your return. The renters pay for this service.

What if something is broken?

As a part of the co-management agreement each homeowner can set a security deposit to cover damages that may happen during the rental. Homeowners have time to check their home before the security deposit is returned. These questions are just the beginning of a dialogue between Jane and the homeowners. As questions come up they will be answered to your satisfaction. Your confidence in Cabin Connect will be the key to its success. I look forward to working with you for a successful rental.